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Draw shapes with time.


  • Move with the arrow keys.
  • Rotate clocks with A and D.
  • Shift to "Essence Mode" by pressing and holding Left Shift.  "Essence Mode" turns all the clocks into colorful blobs, and you can drop your blob on another blob of the same color to destroy all the blobs of that color that are touching it.  Kind of hard to explain I guess, just try it.  (Has a cooldown and uses mana.)
  • Save a clock with Left Control.  This uses half of your mana bar and stashes a clock so that you can use it for later.   Press it Left Control again to replace your current clock with the one you saved.

Draw closed polygon shapes using the hands of the clocks.  Get a high score by drawing larger shapes.

The RED bar is your experience, and once it's full you will move on to the next level, with more clock variations.

The PURPLE bar is your mana, which is used up by changing into "Essence Mode" and by saving clocks for later.


- Added the "Save-a-Clock" mechanic and an animation for solved clocks.
- Added a starting explosion for when you begin a level.
- Added a place-holder transition between levels (slightly bugged at the moment) that shows you all of the shapes you made during the level.

Published 98 days ago
StatusIn development


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